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When technology is not working right, it can and will cause problems to happen in our lives from not having the ability to conduct work duties, not being able to connect to love ones & long distance friends through social media sites even stopping students from doing research for school. Indianapolis Computer Services has years of experience helping our home & business clients solve their computer issues right at their location.

 We Charge One Low Price Of $79 To Repair Your Computer!

Computer Repair Services

If you are having trouble with your computer, give Indianapolis Computer Services a call. We know how stressful it is when your desktop or laptop breaks down and we will do everything in our power to make sure you are taken care of, for less then you might expect. Most desktop & laptop repair services only $79, total.  

Computer Optimization

If your desktop or laptop is running slow, typically it just needs a tuneup. Just little everything else we use everyday, a computer needs to be maintained in order to run smoothly and stay protected. Usually, tuneup only take a little over an hour. Both laptop and desktop tuneup services cost $79 & comes with free optimization & protection software.


Virus Removal

A virus is software that infects your system without your permission or knowledge and can cause unknown damage to you and your computer. Our professionally trained & certified technicians will find & repair all the viruses and other infectious malware on your desktop or laptop. Most virus removal services only $79 & includes free protection software.

Network & Printer Setup

Indianapolis Computer Services will setup your network so that all your technology is connected. We will connect your printer and other devices so that you are able to print, share, display and connect to any device on your network including smartphones and internet enabled televisions. Call us for pricing.

Website Design Services

We build simple websites for personal and growing businesses. Our websites start at $199 plus the cost of hosting and domain. We will get your website in front of thousands to millions of people looking for a product like yours. A website is the smallest investment your business can make for the return it will give. Its like having a storefront in cyberspace. ​

Computer Repair For Less

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Expert Business Support


When running a business, the last thing you need to worry about are the computer problems which slow down productivity and sales. When catastrophe strikes, it impacts your business in a unique way. Time is money, and each hour you spend trying to work around annoying issues – such as slow computers, slow internet connections, and things just not working the way they should – costs you in lost productivity. In addition, employees feel a great deal of pressure when they are trying to perform their daily tasks and something goes wrong.

At Indianapolis Computer Services, we understand how important it is for your computers, network and internet systems to be running at peak performance.  

Computer Repair in Indianapolis

Most of our customers are residential customers who have a problem one day, looked around for a computer repair company, and decided to give us a shot. Helping people who have a computer problem and don’t know of a good company to trust with their computer is the reason why we got in business. We love to earn your trust.

We want to build a relationship with our clients, so they know if they have a computer issue, they can turn to us for help. When dealing with our technicians, you will receive honest answers and genuine concern for the issue you have, regardless of how big or small it might be. We know that without you, we could not be doing the work we love to do. We are so happy whenever a new customer comes in who tells us they found out about us from their friend. It matters so much to us; we strive to make such a good impression that you mention us when your friends have computer problems.