Indianapolis Computer Services


At Indianapolis Computer Services, we provide expert & friendly computer repair services for both office & home clients in Indianapolis & the surrounding areas of Central Indiana. We understand the value of your time & money, for that reason we do things a little different  from the rest.

Our Computer Repair Experts Come To Your Location
Aren't you tried of paying money, bringing your laptop or desktop back to your home or office only to find your computer does not work? Get it fixed at your location, where you spend the most time using your computer.

Computer Repair & Tech Support Experts That Are Helpful & Friendly
We like to say, “If we don't leave our home & office clients with more information & helpful tips of how to take care of their computers & other tech equipment, then we are doing only half a job."

No Waiting Hours On The Technician To Show Up
Your technician will show up within one hour of the appointment time. ​​​

We Charge One Low Rate For Tech Support & Computer Repair
We charge one low rate of $79 for most computer repair services for both office and home clients. Know the cost before & while the work gets done, no surprise pricing.

Onsite Computer Repair For the Home & Office

Tel: 317-238-9742  

Open: Everyday 9:00-6:00pm

Website Design

Indianapolis Computer Services can help build your business’s internet awareness for less than you might expect. We help our business clients connect to their clients and grow their companies throughout the internet. We offer a range of internet services including website design, social media marketing and more. We build every website using proven search engine optimization methods, this causes your website to rank higher and thus creating website traffic & creating new customers with no extra marketing cost. We submit every website we create to all major search engines such as Google & Yahoo, free of charge.

Virus Removal


A virus is software that infects your system without your permission or knowledge and can cause unknown damage to you and your computer.  Our professionally trained & certified technicians will find all the viruses and other infectious malware on your PC, even the hidden ones and remove them and repair the damage they have caused if possible. We will provide optimization, updating and protection for your laptop and desktop. This ensures that when you use your laptop or desktop again, it is fast, smooth and safe to use.  

$79 Computer Repair Services in Indianapolis